Innovation and design are a key part of our core values at IDT and when one of our largest clients in the Security industry presented us with a problem to increase security and decrease man-hour cost, we gave them the ultimate solution. Using our proven technology we quickly designed and built a solution that gave a large residential community the ability to manage remote gates and entrances utilizing one guard. The security staff located at the main entrance can control access and visitors with video, audio, and biometrics at the remote gates. Saving the client over $150,000.00 in security guard hours per year, we enhanced the safety and security of the residents using the Virtual guard and returned an ROI within the first 90 days without affecting the flow of residents or visitors. Video, audio and biometrics combine to track, log and control visitors and contractors while allowing residents to access the property freely with or without barcodes and registered vehicles. Just a touch of your finger opens the gate. Virtual Guard configurations can be built to a specific need or design, range in many form factors such as towers, KIOSK, or wall-mounted enclosures for building lobbies and entryway foyers. Configurations can include a wide range of peripherals, high-resolution cameras, ATM-style driver’s license scanner, SIP Based VOIP Calling, Keypad, Intercom, printers, and an array of additional peripherals. IDT software such as Visitors Gate, Facial recognition, Access Control, 2-way SIP intercom, and live streaming from the onboard 5MP internal camera can be combined to customize your security requirements without compromising your safety. Just one of the many products that IDT has successfully designed and deployed to meet the challenges and needs of our clients. The IDT Virtual Guard™ Steel Tower can be designed to house a variety of applications such as CCTV IP cameras, VoIP intercoms, fingerprint readers, wheelchair access buttons, and other electronic devices and protect them against vandalism or accidental damage. For use in a number of public locations including entrances, walkways, parking lots, port authorities, military bases, airports, consulates, universities, apartment complexes, prisons, and government and institutional facilities. The stainless steel tower provides strength and ease of installation and maintenance of equipment once installed.