iDENTYTECH Unified Management Platform Fully scalable- optional modules and technologies may be added in accordance to the budget available or security needs.Very fast “One time” enrollment process - Multi Biometric enrollment for easy scaling in the future using on best performing technologies.Full management of different use cases - FOB’s, Biometrics, Pin Codes etc.Compartmentalization of administrative rights. i.e. the Administrator will define who has what rights within the system. i.e. Each user will only be able to view, manage the system based on the agreed credential provided to each.In cases of emergency or investigation, the integrated solution will allow the use of tools and resources from all building (NVR and RTM) to provide a full detailed analysis. (Will save hours a week in investigations).Fully biometric solution - You are identified as who you are vs. your FOB which is what I carry, in which case may be easily replicated or transferred to others.Interoperability.User Friendly to both Administrators and Users.Easy management of hardware and flexible Access level for scheduling, groups, zones and more.Unlimited number of access levels per users.Multiple servers and monitoring station with no need of expensive hot backup or redundancy software.Automatic network hardware finder and builder software based solution (there is no need for physical manual dip switches addressing).


Everything at your fingertips, one platform, seamless integration.iDENTYTECH’s IdentyManage™ is a unified management platform with seamless integration and interoperability between modalities.This access control management software platform provides interfaces and operational uses with different technology partners to provide a fully encompassing security solution. Technology leaders that make some of the best advanced security systems in the world partner with us.IdentyManage™ simplifies security management and by adding modular plugins, can be expanded to provide a whole range of enterprise wide solutions using the best in class access control and surveillance technology.