Thousands of passengers. Hundreds of employees. Airborne to land-based vehicles, all arriving and departing a facility that can span vast amounts of land. These are the challenges faced by modern airport security on a daily basis: how best to create a safe and efficient transportation environment, without ever dropping the ball? How can a facility adjust to varying levels of access without sacrificing its operational goals? Can a transportation facility’s external perimeters and internal security zones be balanced and monitored? More importantly, how can a modern airport or transportation hub remain flexible enough to react to threats while quickly adapting to constantly changing government regulations? iDENTYTECH knows transportation security. We’ve developed security management solutions for some of the world’s busiest airport facilities; we know the challenges and we know how to address them. The iDentyTech Advantage lies not just in our cutting- edge security management products and legendary sales and service team, but in our deep expertise and devotion to developing the best solutions to airport and transportation security’s most pressing questions.