Secure installations and protect borders. iDENTYTECH IDT GateKeeper Facial Recognition Surveillance Solution serves as a first line of protection for personnel, equipment, and operations by creating adefense-in-depth and giving response forces time to react to a security breach. iDENTYTECH secures military installations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. These installations include airfields, aircraft parking and maintenance areas, ammunition and weapons storage, missile defense systems, and borders. Border Management: International travel is more popular than ever before. This is a welcome trend when it comes to tourism, business people and legal immigrants. Yet those same channels for easy and convenient travel can also be exploited by unwanted visitors such as terrorists, visa-dodging refugees and illegal migrants. This leaves governments around the world with the difficult task of streamlining border checkpoints for citizens and law-abiding guests, while still securing their borders against unwanted entrants. A more effective and reliable border control area: The iDENTYTECH Advantage® offers a verification platform that is a flexible, scalable system supporting faster, safer and more efficient border control processes from the start. It represents years of experience in effective border control and verification processing, with fully integrated, clearly defined and replicable processes at and between primary and secondary inspection work places. The Unified Access Control Solution IdentyManage from iDENTYTECH helps agencies establish a more effective and reliable barrier at land, air and sea border checkpoints. The solution implements immigration processes that go beyond advanced document and identity verification, incorporating the customer’s clearing rules into the immigration verification process. Customers gain the ability to capture and verify biometrics at arrival and/or departure, helping establish unambiguous identification of the traveler while simultaneously authenticating travel document data. The system has been created to be unobtrusive and user friendly, offering a proper and measured feel to the document holder.