A government’s job is to anticipate the unthinkable. Yet budget cuts and an ever-growing list of security protocols make it hard to secure facilities around the world, information, and employees that serve the public year-round. At iDENTYTECH, it’s our job to imagine the worst, and help public agencies plan for it. We help government agencies attain the best security standards using the resources they have, incorporating traditional government security tactics such as card readers and alarm notification with the latest biometrics and access control technology. iDENTYTECH knows government security. From municipal, county, and state offices to national parks and military bases, our Unified Access Control Solution IdentyManage helps government agencies do what they do best, focus on the public they serve. Our open architecture standards mean it’s easy to integrate existing equipment. Our unparalleled service and technical staff help you ensure the unthinkable never happens.