For universities and schools, it’s not enough to secure offices, laboratories, libraries, classrooms, and campus buildings. You’ve got to invest in your community’s safety. Smart educators know that an investment in integrated access control system is an investment in community safety. Protecting people is what iDentyTech does best. From access to control to surveillance, everyday student management to emergency response, we tailor education security management solutions to schools’ present assets and resources and future needs. An iDENTYTECH educational security solution doesn’t just cover the extensive monitoring necessary for campus communities, it also paves the way for easy upgrades as technology evolves. iDENTYTECH knows education security management. We understand the challenges that face university and school campuses large and small, and our Unified Access Control Solution IdentyManage protect invaluable campus assets so students, faculty, visitors, and staff can focus on learning.