Ultrafast multi-module controller / Secure I/O for access control solutions. The Octopus™ is a multi-reader / multi-door controller supporting fingerprint, Palm Vein Pattern detection, facial recognition, Smart cards and more. This intelligent controller can operate as a Secure I/O for the whole line of the iDENTYTECH products, and a 2 door controller board including 3rd party terminals. A Secure I/O is a secure controller for Access solutions based on encrypted communications and embedded SQLite server to the external readers/terminals. Furthermore, The Octopus™ controller supports full IP or standalone capabilities for the management of 2 Relays and 4 readers. Communication options include Network, RS 232, RS485, Wiegand In/Out and more. The Octopus™ can handle large scale deployments whether implementing card and/or biometric solutions. The Octopus™ comes with an optional protector casing for simple installation and ANTI TAMPER protection enabling both visual and active alert notification and procedures. Utilizing a 1 GHz. processor, the Octopus™ brings a new level of performance, reliability and most importantly interoperability to the world of Access Control.